Key Coalition of Alaska is a non-profit, statewide advocacy organization of people with disabilities and their families, friends and other supporters.  Since its inception in 1988, the goal of the Key Coalition has been to advocate community based services for people with disabilities and for families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Our mission, through unified state-wide advocacy, is to promote the dignity, status, and equality of all Alaskans who experience disabilities as valued, contributing participants in a shared community.

Key Coalition’s Message:

  • Community is truly a place for everyone;
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities have a need and a right to live in their community;
  • Individuals and their families must be empowered to assume a meaningful role in neighborhoods of their choosing, whether urban or rural;
  • It is the primary responsibility of government to provide realistic, non-intrusive community/family supports for all of its citizens and not just a select few, and to empower individuals toward full inclusion, to preserve the family unit, and to promote and enhance independence.

Key Coalition of Alaska members are making a difference!
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